Christian Senkpiel Architecture | About
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About the studio


imgChristian Senkpiel is a London based Scandinavian Architect and designer. His work involves a wide range of disciplines and skills ranging from architecture to product design, and sculpture to installations and exhibitions.


At Christian Senkpiel Architecture we design architecture and products that last for multiple generations. In our quest to fulfil our goals, we tend to favour minimal aesthetics, intuitive interfaces and solid construction.


We design for one. We firmly believe the most passionate and thoughtful designs are designed for the individual. If it’s fine-tuned for one, it’ll be unconventional, desirable and practical.


A working base in the highly competitive and engaging design scene of London enables us to assemble the best from our community of close collaborators with unique talents that love working together. Our team rosters consist of specialists that understand the value of collaborative environments while keeping a disciplined use of best practices. We are architects, artists, industrial designers, and engineers in a small, efficient, and dedicated package.


We seek to bring out the beauty, in the small, the big, the everyday and the exceptional.